Work Horse Comics is currently seeking a new business, this will help us improve production and reduce cost of all of new our comics and graphic novels. Since this will takes some time, and the fact that we are just beginning to build our line of titles, I apologize for the delay. Also, we need to contact retailers and distributors, and get them excited about our new universe.


Work Horse Comics wants to hear from you. As retailer, how can we assist you in the promotion and sell our books?

As we develop and grow, this section will allow those retailers that have registered with us to order our products and promotional material online.

In Store Signings:

If you are interested in having Karl Dabney do signings in your store, just click on the "Retail Support" button down below and ask.

Coming Soon:

Currently, we are developing a download section where retailers can download shelf talkers, sample pages from upcoming books, and promo posters for your store. This section will grow and develop according to the retailers' suggestions.


COMIC BOOK LOCATOR SERVICE- will find comic shops in your zip code area.
MY COMICS SHOP- extensive list of comics/graphic novels
MILE HIGH COMICS- great for back issues
MARS IMPORT- good selection of more recent stuff

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